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Géza Szucs | Mistr Maďarska v canicrossu

Géza Szucs | Mistr Maďarska v canicrossu

My name is Géza Szűcs from Hungary. I am currently active in dog sports as a canicross competitor. I have been practicing this sport for almost 3 years now. I currently have 2 dogs, Malőr, a 5-year-old Border Collie&Sinka mixed, and Pixel, a 2,5-year-old Eurohound.

My love for dog sports started with Malőr. We wanted a second dog, and it just so happened that we got a sprinter dog bred for this sport. Both dogs are true members of our family.

I am most proud of the following achievements:

With Malőr

  • 4x 1st place in Hard Dog Race
With Pixel
  • 1st place in the 2022 Hungarian Championship
  • 3rd place in the 2022 Czech Canicross Championship (Canicross Elite)
  • 2nd place in the 2023 CaniX Open (Canicross Elite)

In addition to these, we have achieved many other podium finishes in various competitions.

How do you supplement your dogs?

I would divide the products into two main groups:                                         

General everyday use

IMUNOVITAL and VIT&MIN: We use these vitamins alternately throughout most of the year to ensure that our dogs receive the proper vitamin supplementation alongside their dry food.

MOVEMENT: Just as with humans, joint protection is particularly important for dogs, and we use this product for 2-3 months twice a year in a course-like fashion.

Preparation and competition season:

(During this time, it is particularly important that our dogs have access to the proper energy supply down to the smallest detail, as well as to replenish their energy stores before competitions/training and to maximize the efficiency of post-competition/training recovery processes).

SPEED&POWER: This product contributes to energy and hydration replenishment before high-performance activities. We use smaller doses before training and start the replenishment process 1-2 days before competitions.

MASOKULE + RECOVERY + SALMON OIL: The combination of these three products makes it possible for our dogs to access the right amount and quality of protein after high-intensity training/competition, which helps with recovery.

How do you make your dogs ready for competition?

Since one of my dogs likes powdered drinks and the other prefers treats, luckily, both variations can be found in the CanisLab product line!

Before training/competition, we use the SPEED&POWER and TURBOGULE products.                                                                             

After training/competition, we use a combination of REGULE, MASOKULE, SALMON OIL, and RECOVERY products.

How to keep dogs Fast and Healthy?

Just like us, dogs also need rest periods. Typically, from mid-August to mid-May, our focus is on training and preparation for competitions (though we still take breaks for a week or so during this time, and adjust the training regimen based on the dog's condition). From late May to mid-August, the focus shifts to rest. This doesn't mean that the dogs just lounge around in the garden all day - rather, the harnesses are put away and playtime, walks, and swimming take center stage. We're lucky enough to live by a river, so in the hot summer weather, the dogs get to cool off every day. During this rest period, my dogs receive the general vitamins and joint protectors, as well as lower-energy food.

It is important to always select the appropriate amount and quality of nutrients and supplements for our furry friends based on their current period (competition season/preparation/rest period). During the competition season, we provide our dogs with a stronger, more fatty diet, while during the rest period, they receive a lighter, lower-calorie diet. In terms of supplements, our dogs require appropriate energy and protein intake during the competition and preparation periods (these are the most important), but they can also be supplemented with anything else. During the rest period, however, general vitamins and joint protectors take center stage for us. (IMUNOVITAL, VIT&MIN and MOVEMENT).

What is your tip to become a champion?

For me, there are two very important words in this sport:


Don't try to do everything immediately and don't try to do (much) more than you or your dog are currently capable of! This sport is primarily about the close relationship between the dog and the human and the happy time spent together! The result is always beyond the top level. Continuously pay attention to the dog's reactions! Build the dog's training consciously. Step by step. You need to make progress gradually and the work will pay off!

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